Wednesday, May 13, 2015


“Porto Ricans are a heterogenous mass of mongrels incapable of self-government… savages addicted to head-hunting and cannibalism.”...
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  • Willie ColónI applaud the dissemination of this long overdue information. While I totally understand the emotion, I'm not totally comfortable with the anger that is inherent with the language of the presentation. We don't need another suicidal call to arms today. We need a cool calculated political policy. We need solidarity and wisdom to navigate through these times. We cannot un-ring the bell. Nelson Denis has been a tireless political and intellectual leader for Puerto Ricans. I fear that firing us all up to with titles like the "WAR ON ALL PUERTO RICANS" will seduce our brothers and sisters into the violent posture where they can be finally annihilated. We can't beat the system at it's own game. Like Gandhi and Martin Luther King we need a coherent plan for our people not a wild free-floating anger. Let's embrace the knowledge, it is necessary to know and understand our history in order to construct our future. To the brothers who lament the decimation of the Tainos; we Puerto Ricans are the survivors of collision of these cultures. For good or bad, we are the sons and daughters this rape. Through our veins runs the blood of the African Slaves, Conquistadores, Noble Tainos, European Settlers and yes Yankee Imperialists. We are the product of the horror. We need sanity and solidarity to save our people.

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