Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I believe that the Puerto Rican Day Parade is a cultural activity that should unite all Puerto Ricans of all ideologies, religions, races and genders for celebrating as a united front.

I don't want to be the spearhead of this matter; I don't want to be an enemy or friend of any political position. Speaking for myself, as I have always done, I speak responsibly; ready to accept the consequences of freely expressing what I think.

I speak as a Puerto Rican and because of that I believe that we should not use Oscar López’ freedom, the freedom that took so much work to obtain, to advance a political agenda.

This issue affects all Puerto Ricans; those in the Diaspora, on the Island and the almost 500.000 Puerto Ricans per year that are leaving their country.

The real issue should be the renegotiation of the debt. We must not be distracted now; we have to renegotiate that debt.  Using Oscar Lopez as a banner of the struggle of all Puerto Ricans, I contend, is a mistake.  I speak from my own criteria as a Puerto Rican knowledgeable of the history of my people and as a political activist who passed,  signed and distributed a petition for the release of Oscar López Rivera.


  1. 100% de acuerdo es un Día de unidad lo que pueda provocar animosidad, mortificación etc debe eliminarse y que mas desastrozo que la politiquería para separar a las personas. Ese es un día de festejo y olvidar temas escabrozos. Deben disfrutar UNIDOS

  2. Estoy de acuerdo con usted, caballero! Magnífica presentación y mensaje. Gracias!

  3. It's hard to celebrate colonialism. I get that we should be celebrating our achievements but when your people are being starved out of their own land, a little bit of a Grito is bound to occur. It's similar to the gentrification of our areas here in the Bronx, El Barrio, the South Side of Brooklyn, etc. Let the area fall to pieces through the cycles of poverty and relocation of good educators, then swoop in years later when the residents don't even have a leg to stand on to fight back. Just my opinion. Gracias por tus obras de arte.

  4. So we celebrate terrorism? Back then, we were obsessed and naive to the real victims of terrorism and what it's feels like to be an innocent under attack. Also we realize that terrorism is useless in that it it polarizes and solidifies people against you; the very opposite of what you aim to achieve. To put it plainly, we have learned that terrorism is barbarous ignorance. No person living today is responsible for the acts of others generations ago.

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    Estoy 100% de acuerdo con Willie y con Noel. Eso es algo elemental, ¿Por qué se les escapó la zorrita a los dirigentes de la parada? ¿Será que la parada puertorriqueña se está tornando o ya es, una tribuna socialista como parece que es la UPR en PR?