Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Curtis gets arrested trying to serve de Blasio

This morning NY State ReformParty Chairman Curtis Sliwa was at Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side to deliver legal service of process to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Curtis arrived almost an hour before de Blasio’s departure to Park Slope for his exercise routine at the Park Slope Y announcing his intentions for delivery of process to the Mayor and was immediately greeted with the run-around. He was told an assistant of the Mayor would come outside so he could deliver the papers to her. It was explained to him that delivery on the Mayor himself was required and even still the assistant never came to collect the papers. So when de Blasio tried to roll out of the gates Chairman Sliwa stood his ground and repeated his stated purpose; to deliver legal paperwork. When it became clear he was going to stand his ground to make sure process was served as required by law, de Blasio’s security detail stepped in and directed the 2 NYPD officers on site at Gracie Mansion to arrest Curtis. They restrained Curtis and pushed him back as the gates opened and the SUV’s started to move but they hadn’t completely confined Curtis who was still able to toss the legal paperwork to de Blasio while delivering the message that “he was being served.”

Curtis was promptly cuffed and led to the street where close to ten police vehicles were waiting. After being patted down and searched Curtis was placed in the police car and taken to the 19th precinct where he was held for close to 2 hours. He was released with a desk appearance ticket and cited for “disorderly conduct.” The inequity of the response was immediately apparent to the several media sources which started to run the story and multiple media outlets followed up to find out the details of legal paperwork; why was Mayor de Blasio being served? This created a great opportunity to expound on how the Mayor was attempting to squash any competition in the upcoming election and just made the Mayor look ridiculous. Why did he not simply accept the legal paperwork and hand it over to his attorneys? De Blasio’s reaction was so over the top. It just goes to show how vulnerable he and the other incumbents are and how threatened they are as the NYS Reform Party continues to push forward full speed ahead. Keep up the great work everyone!!!

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