Wednesday, July 5, 2017



God Bless Miosotis Familia and her family. . I just came from the service on the street where she was killed. This bullshit has to stop. These sick bastards want you to hate PoPo so you won't rat them out when they do their thing. 

There is no reason to hate all cops. You aint fighting the white devil of oppression any more. Cops are Black, Latino, Asian, Gay, Straight. They are moms and dads. They are sisters and brothers, sons and daughters. Some are musicians. 

Our people have to stop buying into that false narrative. Police are not the enemy. But if we don't stop the madness we will turn them into an enemy.

Police Officer Miosotis Familia was of Dominican origin, was inside a mobile Head Quarters van when she was shot at close to 12:30 in the morning in The Bronx. 

Miosotis Family, was 48 she was the mother of three children and had 12 years working on the police force  assigned to a Anti-Crime unit.

The attack occurred near the 12:30 in the morning this Wednesday at the corner of Avenue 183 Morris Street, in the Fordham Heights neighborhood in the Bronx.

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