Monday, July 3, 2017

Maduro says that what is not achieved with the ballot, will be achieved with weapons


Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, said Tuesday that is ready to prepare an armed onslaught to defend his government. "I want to the world to know that after 90 days of violence, death and destruction if Venezuela is mired in chaos and violence and a destroyed bolivarian revolution, we will go to armed combat. 

We will never surrender! What could not be achieved by the ballot, we will do with weapons, we will free our homeland with weapons!", was expressed at a ceremony in Caracas.

Maduro says that what is not achieved with the votes, what will be achieved with weapons and Death Patrols in Caracas a helicopter of the scientific police attacked the Supreme Court of Venezuela three months ago when the opposition began a series of protests because of two judgments of the Supreme Court of Justice, a tentacle of Chavist "Revolutionary" goverbement, that stripped of powers of the National Assembly (dominated by the coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) and made their Parliamentarians powerless. 

As a result of demonstrations there have been76 people dead, more than 3,300 arbitrary arrests and hundreds of wounded.

Those responsible for some of these deaths have been officers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) of Venezuela. 

But the Venezuelan Government insists on blaming the unarmed opposition of the growing violence in the country and has opted to establish individual responsibility in crimes involving military personnel.

According to Maduro, the adversaries to his mandate are intended to generate a "civil war" that would justify a "foreign intervention".

The military high command has been consistent with the presidential speech. On Sunday, Vladimir  Lopez, Minister for Defense, ordered the Strategic Operational Command, a body of planning within the FANB, create "light units of special action" to neutralize possible "political threats" in this country. 
"This force must be capable of adapting to any situation that is present in the territory, this is the direction of our Bolivarian National Armed Force in the face of these new scenarios of political violence, psychological, economic, of isolation and international siege", he said.

The immediate end to this conflict would be the restoration of a Constituent Assembly to reform the Venezuelan State. This is what the opposition wants.

Many old guard Chavez followers have removed themselves and accused Maduro of illegalities. Luisa Ortega Díaz, the attorney general of Venezuela, has emerged with an important revelation with a shocking action of publicly opposing the regime. 

Meanwhile, Maduro has accused her of being behind a possible presidential candidacy and supporting the opposition to overthrow the Government.

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