Friday, February 19, 2016


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TO THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO COMPARE YL TO BLM, I ASK: Where are your programs for the community? What have you done besides protest? Where is your daily presence in the community. Felipe Luciano, Chairman; David Pérez, Minister of Defense; Juan González, Minister of Education; Pablo Guzmán, Minister of Information; Juan Fi Ortiz, Minister of Finance; and Denise Oliver, Officer of the Day and later Minister of Economic Development and Mickey Meléndez have all moved on and proven not to be lowly thugs but brilliant intellectuals who are still committed to the community and are excellent role models. They were not about violence and caos for the sake of violence and caos.

NBC Latino added a new video: Former Young Lords Talk Latino Activism.
Over four decades after Puerto Rican youth in New York City began their fight for social justice, New York’s Young Lords will have a street in El Barrio named in their honor. On Saturday, the New York City Council will change the name of 111th Street and Lexington Avenue to Young Lords Way. The intersection lies in the heart of El Barrio, the section of East Harlem that has historically been a cultural home for Puerto Rican residents of New York City.

 The Young Lords commandeered an x-ray truck to get tuberculosis screenings in their neighborhoods and got the city to pick up festering garbage. Their legacy lives on in school breakfast programs and other services that were lacking then.

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Friday, February 12, 2016


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 I have never been comfortable with "AFRICAN AMERICAN". Africa is a continent with many religions, cultures, languages, races and mixes. They used to say we were Spanish. That was also inaccurate. Spanish is the language. If we were to go by that the all English speaker in USA would be English Americans. Hispanic to me is also not correct, that would tend to bunch us all together. Which is a "mistake" America makes with us Latinos. I think Latino is most accurate to describe a group of people who are from the Americas and speak Spanish. We all celebrate our independence from Spain. The English do not celebrate the 4th of July.  But we get screwed because Hollywood and the media don't really give a crap. They make stars of Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, etc. When there are plenty of fine Latino actors here in the states. Spaniards are Spanish speaking Europeans not Latinos.