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Willie Colón - Mi Sueño

Sus canciones mantienen vigencia. Es más que un salsero

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Attending Physician in Physical Therapy, The Mount Sinai Hospital

THE idea that fever is a method of therapy may be traced back to the early days of written history. "Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease," is a quotation attributed to Hippocrates more than twenty-three hundred years ago. Ruphos of Ephesus, four hundred and fifty years afterwards, said: "If indeed any were so good a physician as to be able to produce fever, it would not be necessary to look for any other remedy in sickness." 

The production of fever as a therapeutic procedure had to wait centuries, however, for advances in chemistry, physics, mathematic's., and medical sciences. The development of fever therapy can be divided into empirical and scientific eras. The borderline between these two eras was thermometry which was introduced in the early part of the Seventeenth Century by Galileo and Sanctorius, and developed in the second half of the Nineteenth Century by Wunderlich and Allbutt.


The origin of therapeutic fever lies buried in medical antiquity. While the rays of the sun have therapeutic value, other than their heating effects, nevertheless, early physicians used them solely for these effects. Heat was also applied to locally affected parts of the body and to its entirety by means of hot water, steam, sand, and mud baths. It is probably true that the ancient therapist might not have been aware of the fact that by these physical means he produced a rise in body temperature. However, our present knowledge of thermotherapy leads us to the reasonable conclusion, based upon the descriptions of the techniques used, that sufficient heating energy was frequently employed to accomplish such an elevation of systemic temperature. Egyptian physicians during the Fifth Century B. C. applied rules for sun and heat therapy.

In the encyclopedic compilations of Oribasius (325-403 A. D.) of Constantinople, are found quotations from Herodotus, the historian of the Fifth Century B. C., referring to this phase of Egyptian medicine. Natural hot air caverns connected with volcanic sources were utilized (Oribasius, X, 40). The epic poet Homer (Fifth Century B. C.) clearly established that hot baths for medical purposes were common among the Greeks before the Age of Pericles.

Hippocrates had ideas as to the significance of fever, and modern concepts as to its possibilities. He prescribed hot water and steam baths for "thickened" and "tense" skin, for "spasticity" and for pains of the extremities as well as of the torso. Illustrative is the case history of a man of Athens who was affected with a severe pruritus of his entire body. The skin in all regions was so thickened that he had the appearance of a leper and it was impossible to pinch up the skin anywhere. No one had been able to relieve him. Hippocrates ordered him to go to the Island of Melos where there were hot baths. 

There he became entirely cured of his itching and the thickening of the skin, but he developed a dropsy and died. 

This man may have had one of the chronic dermatoses for the treatment of which dermatologists are now finding fever therapy to be of value. It is also possible that this patient may have received burns sufficiently extensive to cause a nephritis which proved fatal. Among contraindications, Hippocrates mentioned repeated or profuse nasal hemorrhage, which, as an evidence of hypertension, would be included in modern contraindications for fever therapy.

During the reign of Tiberius Caesar, 42 B. C.-37 A. D., Aurelius Cornelius Celsus described the prevailing medical procedures and ideas regarding fever and heat. He wrote of a certain Pretonius who treated persons attacked by fever somewhat as follows: "He had the patient well covered up to excite at the same time a violent heat and thirst. When the fever began to abate somewhat, he made him drink cold water. If he broke out in a violent sweat, the patient was considered cured." "Heat," Celsus wrote, "acts well in eye diseases which are without pain and lacrimation. It is good for all sorts of ulcers but principally those due to cold." 

The techniques of heat application included wet fomentations, dry packs, steam baths, hot air baths, and sun baths. Celsus claimed that ordinarily heat would "relax the skin and draw forth corrupt humors, and change the condition of the body."


No matter how bad things can get for all of us. The Dems and the media never miss a chance to try for a "Got Ya!" moment. Amid all the deaths and suffering they launch the "disinfectant campaign". Trump never used the words bleach or Lysol but even Lysol ran with this crap. And guess what? They do inject chemicals directly into the lungs when patients are in distress. 

As Cheryl Parrish Pedigo, a Respiratory Therapist posted.She watched the clip about the "disinfectant that Trump talking about".

"People need to listen closely....and before I say this, I will tell you that I am not registered to vote and I don't vote. I am neutral."

"He was basically brainstorming for an idea to
help the lungs. He stated that the disinfectant kills the virus in one minute, so he proposed the question can we inject disinfectant (not Lysol), he used the word "disinfectant" the lungs, but that is for the doctors to figure out. 

Now a lay person like Trump will say disinfectant and a medical person would say "medicine". Medicine dumped into the lungs happens all the time! 

I personally have dumped respiratory medicine down an Endotracheal tube directly into the lungs. When babies are born prematurely, guess what? 

Yes we "inject" the lungs with a medicine called surfactant that helps keep the alveoli open to oxygenate the lungs. Antibiotics are sometimes injected into infected parts of lungs through a chest tube. 

So what I want the general public to know, is that we do "inject" medicine into peoples lungs, that yes act like a disinfectant (antibiotics), so why is everyone in uproar over this? 

If you are a lay person and don't understand what he said then ask a medical person. His statement was so twisted around and misinterpreted, and this is coming from a Respiratory Therapist that has injected medicine in people's lungs. 

Lysol brand has perpetrated misinformation and panicked the general public who doesn't know anything about lungs. 

And Trump never used the word "Lysol". So why did Lysol brand think he was talking about them, that's narcissistic on their part. 

Why would Lysol brand embrace that? they look ignorant. So people, yes we do inject medicine into the lungs! 

This is why people need to know the facts and stop panicking people."

Synthetic pulmonary surfactants: (That are injected into the lungs)

  • Colfosceril palmitate (Exosurf) - a mixture of DPPC with hexadecanol and tyloxapol added as spreading agents
  • Pumactant (Artificial Lung Expanding Compound or ALEC) - a mixture of DPPC and PG
  • Lucinactant (KL-4) - composed of DPPC, palmitoyl-oleoyl phosphatidylglycerol, and palmitic acid, combined with a 21 amino acid synthetic peptide (sinapultide) that mimics the C-terminal helical domain of SP-B.[8]
  • Venticute - DPPC, PG, palmitic acid and recombinant SP-C
  • Lucinactant (trade name Surfaxin) is a liquid medication that contains DPPC, POPG as the sodium salt, and palmitic acid.

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Willie Colón: Noche de los enmascarados




REVIEW The Good, The Bad, The Ugly John storm Roberts 1976

Slice him how you like, Willie Colón is a phenomenon. He came out of the South Bronx at the age of 17 with almost no track record at all, and was soon the undeniable leader of the boogaloo generation of Salseros – the ones of grown up since the mid-1960s. And though you can’t grade on this as if they were tomatoes, Willie is certainly one of the current sciences most progressive and original minds, along with Eddie Palmieri, Ricardo Ray and a handful of others.

Not the best instrumentalist, not even the best trombonist. Not the best showman, though his throwaway charm packs of sneaky punch. But beyond any reasonable doubt, one of the most creative heads.         

Because Willie’s music is warm and bouncy, and plain old fun, people often don’t notice how intelligent and serious a musician the man really is. Serious enough, in fact that he quit at the top of last summer because he told me. “I need to get knocked in the ass and told I’m wrong. And I can’t see doing the same style over and over. You’ll become too good at it - too stereotyped.”

This new album is the fruit and very fresh and juicy it is. Not only in the obvious ways like varying the two bones sound, nor any everything-out-of-the-window-and-start-all-over nonsense, but because it broadens and deepens a personal style that was already strong.

If I had one reason For Willie’s success, it would be this: win or lose, his judgments are musical judgments. As examples: he uses a Brazilian friction drum called a quica on some of the news tracks. Now, even Brazilian musicians too often can’t resist those cliché carnival intros. But Willie just leaves it to do its job in the rhythm section, with no “hey fellas, looka me“emphasis. That’s musicality, my friends.

Another example: Yomo Toro is a virtuoso of the 10 strength Cuatro, out of Puerto Rican jibaro country music. Now, jibaro music is far from Salsa as US country picking is from jazz. But Willie let Yomo just about take over several of his recordings, with marvelous results. As for Héctor LaVoe, who was Willie’s lead singer from the start, figuring out whether Willie made Hector or Hector mad Willie is chicken and egg. And what goes for Yomo and Hector goes for Ruben Blades (moonlighting from Ray Barretto‘s band) and for his side men too.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is full of Willie’s remarkable gift for a kind of ingesting styles that he loves, in a way that let you enjoy the original in the new creation. It’s a multi-layered pleasure.

And the man certainly gets around. “Toma“has Spanish from Spain lines like I last heard in the Madrid Bull Ring.Potpourri III” is a medley of bombas and plenas ( the bomba started as an Afro-Boricua drum dance and the plena as kind of a Boricua Calypso).  As Willie says, “it’s all old – very tipico, very traditional“(Típico means like something down home”). “Doña Toña,” Named for Willie’s grandmother, is full of the grace of the old Caribbean ballroom dances. “Cuacuaracuacua,” on which Willie sings lead, is a Bossa. “El Cazanguero” – “is really a highbred, man!” - moves from a Brazilian style opening into a New York Salsa  feel, given an extra bounce by adding a quica to the usual Cuban-based percussion, and then Into a Machito style Brass and Sax break. And Blades even throws in Panamanian cholo Country singer inflections. Nice!

“I feel Campesino“bugs me, I hear occasional echoes of Beatles accompaniments, but I can’t place them. “Guaracha“grooves on the terrific Cuban guajira country sound of groups like trio Matamoros, with a jibaro Llanera thrown in to keep things ecumenical.
“Que Bien Te Ves” is a kind of Puerto Rican in-joke and Hector Lavoe’s loving parity of Chuito, the daddy of jibaro singers.

And then there’s “MC 2. A quite different kind of mixture, in which Willie told the musicians “play it how they saw it, so you get a whole lot of different flavors in the tune. I didn’t look for a dominant Rock feel, though after Eliot Randall threw in his guitar solo on top it should more of a rock form.“ 

If you are new to salsa, please don’t get the idea that Willie is a musical magpie making pretties out of other peoples glitter. His work is his own, and very individual. But aside from the fact that SALSA has a very strong tradition – like any music worth bothering with – the notion that artists really sit around weaving from airy nothing a local habitation and a name, as an earlier William put it, is plain nonsense. To quote Robert Shuman, no mean composer himself, we cannot originate everything within ourselves. 

John Storm Roberts   

Tiempo Pa’ Matar

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Tremenda banda!

Thomas Jefferson obtained a translated version of the Qoran.

Thomas Jefferson obtained a translated version of the Quran. He read it several times. He concluded Islam was unconstitutional, and a serious threat to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country. 

He then banned anything, and anyone islamic from this country with extreme prejudice. The United States Marine Corps was conceived, formed, created, and deployed because U.S. merchant ships were being attacked by muslim (or islamic) pirates. 

Ships crews were being taken as slaves, and ships captains were being tortured and beheaded. Ships cargos and ships were being stolen, and U. S. economy was suffering from it. 

The Qoran is still the same text it's been for over a millennium, as is the Holy Bible. The difference is, the Holy Bible does NOT insight destruction and enslavement of non-believers, rape and mutilation of women and young girls, and is the principals this country was founded on. 

Jefferson saw the danger of "Sharia Law", and in his view, was protecting the freedoms and liberties of Americans. The faith of these people is protected by our Constitution (LEGAL immigrants, sunni and shiite) , but not the ideology of sharia barbarism. Jefferson saw, that the ideology in sharia law, and the muslim faith, could not be separated. 

This isn't something taught in schools, and in most history books. If you don't believe these words, do the research yourself, I did. 

We are facing a dark hidden enemy, and the republic is in danger by design. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER !! 

Please wake up and take action We The People. We are a republic; elected REPRESENTATIVES, (not leaders). Contact yours and make them represent you.

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Joseph Manuel Torres nació en Manhattan el 29 de noviembre de 1943.

Su abuela Celestina lo crió en la calle Fox del Bronx. Eran cuatro hermanos. Joe era el mayor, y luego Evelyn Torres Ríos, Reggie Quiles, Alex Quiles.

Su padre José Manuel Torres era de Guayama y su madre Elena López Quiles era de Ponce.

Le sobreviven Nilda Torres, su esposa de 42 años, su hijo Joseph M. Torres III y su hija Danielle A. Torres Seabrook, nietos, Jovanni (15) y Anastaja (10) y su único hermano sobreviviente, Dennis Quiles.

Joe fue importantísimo en el desarrollo de la música que llamamos salsa. Son montunos se convirtieron en el standard cuando se piensa de Salsa.  

Joe era un alma gentil. Siempre me sorprendió cómo podía prosperar y socializar sin ser un gángster. Sus armas eran su juego y su baile. Bailar era el Kung Foo de Joe; Nadie fue más suave.

Joe era un veterano de esos conciertos de carnaval de los 70 en los que tocábamos sets de seis horas.

Era un músico fuerte, nunca se quejó. Muchos músicos llorarían pero Joe seguiría tocando.

Esos días fueron una gran escuela para todos nosotros porque todos desarrollamos resistencia sobrehumana en Panamá.
Hoy sus solos en discos como Todo Tiene Su Final son famosos en toda América Latina. Hay algunos programas de TV en vivo en blanco y negro de esos días de Panamá donde realmente puedes apreciar su interpretación.

Joe tenía muchos amigos, pero había cuatro tipos que eran como su hermanos; Milton Cardona, José Mangual, Richard Phipps y Phil. 

Adiós Profesor Joe Torres te vas con Héctor, Milton y los demás. Dios te bendiga hermano.

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More and more this COVID19 Pandemic appears to be a biological attack by China. After U.S. thwarted China’s global economic conquest, China changed from economic warfare to biological. We have to consider the highly unnatural occurrences that have taken place:
  • The virus allegedly came from a wet market that just happened to be in proximity to the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biological Weapons Lab.
  • No other nearby large Chinese city was struck by COVID19 as hard as competing economies across the oceans: U.S., U.K., Spain, Italy, France, Germany, etc.
  • The infections were triggered simultaneously
  • None of China’s bordering allies broke out in Pandemic. (Russia, North Korea)
  • No Pandemic in non-U.S. aligned third world countries.
  • The Chinese economy has not faltered
China continues to do business as usual while buying up the failing world markets.

They are soon going to be the only source from which to buy anything; the reason this Pandemic was created. Can a cyber-attack be far off?

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GUAJIRA VEN Willie Colón cantando Héctor LaVoe

Bernie Sanders Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race |

This is a very sad day for Socialists & Communists in America.My condolences.

Sanders' primary defeat was his second after a headline-grabbing anti-establishment run in 2016
By Sean Neumann
April 08, 2020 11:40 AM

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that he was ending his 2020 presidential campaign, clearing the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the Democratic Party’s nominee and face President Donald Trump in the November election.

The suspension of Sanders’ campaign was announced via press release ahead of a formal confirmation later Wednesday morning, multiple news outlets reported.

For weeks the Democratic primary has been overshadowed by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which all but froze the race even as Biden had emerged as the clear front-runner following a string of double-digit primary victories in the South, Midwest and Northeast.

Sanders’ primary defeat was his second after a headline-grabbing anti-establishment run in 2016 in which he hoped to beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had been the party favorite.

In the end — as with his 2020 bid — Sanders failed to sufficiently expand his core coalition of young and very liberal voters, though he saw increased Hispanic support in his second primary campaign.

While running in 2020, he continued to press the progressive messages that had made him a political star of the left and pushed policies like universal health care and tuition-free college into the center of the Democratic Party.

“You cannot beat Trump with the same old, same old kind of politics,” Sanders, 78, told his supporters after a string of losses on “Super Tuesday” in early March, which opened the path for Biden to win the nomination and saw his campaign make a dramatic comeback after earlier primary losses in February.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who hoped to uproot the American political system, had been the Democratic Party’s unlikely front-runner during the first month of the primary season, winning the New Hampshire primary, the Nevada caucus and ending in a virtual tie with former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg in the Iowa caucus

Sanders’ ability to energize voters, particularly the youth bloc, also brought on a long list of celebrity endorsements, from pop singers Ariana Grande and Cardi B to model Emily Ratajkowski and actors like Danny DeVito and Kirsten Dunst.

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But Sanders saw momentum for his grassroots campaign begin to slow beginning in late February, as Biden surged back on the coattails of a litany of endorsements, support from the party’s moderate voters and a massive turnout from African Americans, who formed a crucial bedrock of Biden’s support.

The former vice president decisively won the South Carolina primary before earning endorsements from some of the Democratic Party’s top names and winning 10 of the 14 states up for grabs on “Super Tuesday.”

Since the Biden campaign’s roaring comeback after South Carolina, he’s received endorsements from former 2020 Democratic candidates like Buttigieg, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke and billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

“Joe is running a campaign that has been heavily supported by the establishment,” Sanders told reporters on March 4, the day after Biden’s comeback in the “Super Tuesday” states. “Does anyone seriously believe that a president backed by the corporate world is going to bring about the changes that this country, the middle class, working people desperately need?”

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