Thursday, March 23, 2017

FBI Investigates NWA Couple for Terroristic Threatening - Story

FBI Investigates NWA Couple for Terroristic Threatening - Story

PRAIRIE GROVE, Ark.-- - A husband and wife have been arrested on terroristic threatening charges after Prairie Grove Police say they made threats to a waitress in a local diner.
Police say Daphne Ridenour, who also goes by Daphne Crawford, and her husband Alan Crawford made terroristic threats to a waitress while eating in Mel's Diner in Prairie Grove.
After the incident in the diner, investigators say the couple continued making threats on multiple social media websites.  
According to the police report, on May 24, Alan Crawford was frustrated at Mel's Diner. Alan Crawford was upset because his order was taking too long and he thought the food was too expensive, according to the report. Alan Crawford reportedly said, "Only a Christian would treat them like that," because they practice Islam.
Before the Crawford's left Mel's Diner, it is reported that Daphne Crawford said,"People like you are the reason we kill."
Daphne Crawford also threatened a victim on a Facebook post saying her husband would show up with an AK-47. According to the report, Daphne Crawford sent the victim a picture of her husband in "Muslim attire" kneeling with a weapon described as an assault rifle.
The victim of the social media threats says the FBI is also involved in the investigation of the couple. 
According to investigators, Daphne Crawford was arrested Thursday at the Value Inn in Fayetteville where she has been staying.
Alan Crawford was arrested Thursday morning in Johnson County and transferred to the Sebastian County jail where he is being held.
A police report says Alan threatened to kill a used car salesman back in March.
The arrests come after a long list of encounters with multiple law enforcement agencies.
According to Sequoyah County Sheriff, in October 2009, Alan Crawford was arrested and booked in Sequoyah County on rape and sodomy charges. Those charges were later dropped.
Six years later, law enforcement became aware that the couple was making radical comments and threats on social media about their conversion to Islam.
In November 2015, when a military serviceman was killed, the Muldrow police and the Sheriff's Office believed the Crawford's were a credible threat to the funeral, but did not have any charges against them at the time.
Then in December 2015, the Crawford's made it known that they had relocated to Fort Smith when they were escorted out of Central Mall for recording mall entrances against mall policy. Fort Smith police say they kept an eye on the Crawford's, but never had charges against them.
The Crawford's then moved to Prairie Grove, where police say the Mel's Diner incident and following threats occurred.
Prairie Grove Police say Daphne Crawford worked at Prairie Grove Health and Rehabilitation.  
Daphne Crawford is currently being held at the Washington County Jail for terroristic threatening. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The number of Latino-owned business interested in building Trump’s wall is up to 60

The number of Latino-owned business interested in building Trump’s wall is up to 60

Photo courtesy of Salon
Although, specifically, the 60 Latino-owned firms are interested in getting a chunk of the $21 billion that will be spent on the construction project, the fact that it’s a border wall is a technicality. The semantic trick is to call it an infrastructure project.
Al Día reports: “More than 60 Hispanic companies, all interested in constructing the controversial wall that US President Donald Trump wants to build on the Mexican border, are putting aside political and patriotic concerns for the chance to make money and create jobs.
"’Honestly, for us it is above all an infrastructure project and a way to create jobs, something we really need in New Mexico,’" Mario Burgos of the Burgos Group construction company told EFE.”

Someone once joked that Trump would need a lot of Mexicans to build his border wall. Truth is stranger than wit.

Kika de la Garza dead at 89

Photo courtesy of City of McAllen

The newsletter’s top position this morning is reserved for one of the stalwart-change leaders in the U.S. Latino community, Rep. Kika de la Garza. De la Garza passed away this week, he was 89. I’ll grant that it’s nearly impossible to give his life an accomplishments their due honor in the brief space allotted to a news report, but NBC News’s Suzanne Gamboa did a very good job of it:
“De La Garza, a Democrat, was a founding member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and served in the U.S. House from 1965 to 1997, a service that began with Lyndon B. Johnson in the Oval Office and ended with Bill Clinton in the presidency.
“Only the second Mexican American from Texas elected to the House at the time, De La Garza became a force in the politics of agriculture because of his long tenure on the powerful House Agriculture Committee. He rose to wield the gavel as the committee's chairman.”

Descanse en paz, Kika.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Willie Colón, 50 años de incendiar la tarima

Willie Colón, 50 años de incendiar la tarima: Le dicen 'El Diablo' porque así le puso Héctor Lavoe, uno de sus grandes cómplices. ese apodo, que define de cuerpo entero a Willie Colón, fue un grito de guerra que le abrió el paso en una carrera que hoy llega al medio siglo

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Green Beret & Purple Heart Recipient Bryan Sikes answers Whoopi & Moore over VILE  Grieving Widow Remarks

Whoopi, I think its time you sit down and shut your pie hole.

Save your breath for topics like “who wore what and when”, animal tricks, or kissing Joy Behar’s ass. You need not get into the military decision-making process or armchair quarterback special operations missions after the fact.

“When you sent him there without the appropriate ground support? That was wrong.”

How the hell would you know? What credentials do you have that could back up such a statement?

Let’s quickly dig into your — and The Views‘s opinion of how Carryn Owens was portrayed…you think she was exploited.

Well, I witnessed a standing ovation for a woman who lost her husband serving this great county. I witnessed genuine sorrow and gratitude for Mrs. Owens. I witnessed a military wife that lost a loved one, receive support from the masses in a time of great suffering. Furthermore, I see YOU as the washed up, “my opinion actually matters” douche that is responsible for exploiting her. Do you actually believe people care what you think? I’m here to tell you that the thoughts of a “C-list” actor turned daytime propagandist measures somewhere between a cat turd and a dog turd.

And you feel bad because President Trump exploited her? When have you ever made mention of feeling bad for widows of fallen heroes? When has such a topic ever been explored? I’m seriously wondering because I don’t fall within your viewing demographic of a liberal, man-hating, nothing-is-my-fault, arms-jiggling-as-I-clap-in-the-audience fan base…..oh wait, it hasn’t been until now where you can fabricate a twisted narrative of a standing ovation for a woman that just lost her husband to try and make a President look bad.

For the record, I carried and buried more friends than I care to mention while Obama was President…I don’t recall you or The View‘s outcry for them and their families.

You and your hens on The View need to go kick rocks and cackle about something else. Leave war heroes and their widows out of your mouth, it makes you look dumber than a bag of hammers.

Oh, and how can I forget my best buddy, the mouth breathing Michael Moore… YOU wanna talk about exploiting people?

Watch Moore’s comments:

Let’s run the numbers and I’m not talking about your bathroom scale:

  • Michael Moore in TrumpLand
  • Where to Invade Next
  • 10%: What Makes a Hero?
  • Occupy Los Angeles
  • Capitalism: A Love Story
  • Slacker Uprising
  • Sicko
  • Fahrenheit 9/11
  • Bowling for Columbine

At this point in time, after YOU’VE exploited all the people over the years to produce this slanted trash listed above, that morons actually refer to as “documentaries” exactly how many of those people have you helped? My guess would be slim to none. Are you spending time and money rebuilding Detroit? Combating school violence? I’m doubtful of any positive influence you’ve had regarding topics you’ve touched with your greasy sausage fingers.

Be honest, you’ve spent your entire career brainwashing high school/college age morons and exploiting people for money. There you sit, on an oversized chair and have the audacity to pervert an amazing moment where Carryn Owens was celebrated? You implying that you feel bad for her is enough to piss anyone off. You stated in an interview that this was done as

“…sort of an ‘f-you’ to the people who are criticizing him for this [the Yemen raid]. And this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now.”

Well, what are you doing now? Looks to me that you’re the one actually exploiting this woman for your own benefit. You think you actually know what you’re talking about, sniper hater? Well, why don’t you stop by Walter Reed Medical Center and see what kind of welcoming a world-class turd such as yourself receives.

You don’t speak for the military community, you never have and never will.

Very Respectfully,