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These mini-aircraft can be bought off the shelf. They can be much more deadly than firearms; they are a clear and present danger to the public and the government.
Willie Colón

In the 1960s these gizmos were the stuff of Peter Graves and Peter Lupus on Mission Impossible, pure sci-fi. They would fly through the air-conditioning ducts to perform amazing rescues and sabotage against the bad guys.

In 2014 you can buy a drone at most hobby and toy stores starting at about $35.00.

Last week two drones almost collided with an NYPD Chopper over the George Washington Bridge at approximately 2000’. From the GWB south you have a complicated Traffic Control Area. There are three busy airport control areas overlapping: Kennedy-JFK, LaGuardia-LGA and Newark-EWR plus Teeterboard-TEB, a General Aviation Airport. This area is very tightly controlled and no place for an idiot (hundreds of idiots) who doesn’t have a clue to be flying remote controlled drones through. There must be a quick and strong reaction to these offenses. The possibility of causing a calamity of apocalyptic consequences makes me tremble. We’ve got hundreds of large low flying aircraft over a highly populated area every couple of minutes.

But the threat doesn’t end there. These drones present a privacy issue. They come with a built in camera so you could hover a drone to spy on a competitor or stalk someone. Worst of all you can use them for terrorism. An inexpensive way to get over fences and in backyards to cases places for strategies on how to attack them. There have already been several incidents at public places where people have used to drones to sexually harass. These drones can serious physical injury when flown over and through crowded areas. Amatuer pilots could never predict wind conditions and peoples movements and reactions.

Video: Drones being used by peeping Toms?

Homeland Security in recent days has alerted the public about cell phones. Apparently they have learned that there is a possibility that terrorist have found an explosive powerful enough to be a serious threat in the small amount that could fit in a cell phone. That means that you could probably find a hobby drone that could deliver such a small deadly payload.

I don’t usually support government intervention like this but I believe that this technology in the wrong hands is a clear and present danger. I suggest that the authorities: FAA, DHS, LOCAL PD

1. Halt the sales of hobby drones immediately

2. Have a certificate or license requirement to operate one. (to get
the operator’s pedigree and make sure they are familiar with its safe operation)

3. Limit the range and frequencies available. (There is no need for these things to fly 2000’)

4. Drones should be immediately banned from crowded public places like beaches, stadiums, train stations, etc.

5. Legislature and Law Enforcement should examine what law apply and create
new codes if necessary.

Here’s an example of what you can get for around $400. The capabilities are awesome,

Blade 350 QX Quadcopter with GPS and GoPro Mount - BNF - Motion RC

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