Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Kayla Jean Mueller was killed during airstrikes. (Photograph: Courtesy of the family)

We Americans are arrogantly naive about the world we live in. Kayla Jean Mueller's death is tragic.  Whether it was her parents, mentors or her religious counsel, whoever put in her head that going to Syria was a good idea was an idea that is seriously flawed.

What is one young defenseless girl going to do in a world where you will be killed for showing your face? There are many people here in the states that need help. Here, at least, you have some protections.

It is so sad that these young well meaning people get themselves into these horrible situations but we have to understand that walking into these ancient conflicts will probably not end well. 

It's like walking into the bullring and expecting the bull not to gore you because you're a vegetarian.

I feel so bad for her parents who raised a girl with such a big heart. Believers seem to be a problem in today's world of violence and horror. Many young innocents die full of unrealistic expectations and ideals, often urged on by people who know (or should know) better. 

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