Sunday, November 12, 2017

These noble white folk standing up for your rights is BS

If Nothing Changes...

Nothing Changes

Willie Colón

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Those noble white folk standing up for your rights is just bullshit. Psychologically, they’re telling us that the cards are stacked against us and we can't make it without their help. This makes us more dependent. I don't want anybody helping me because they feel sorry for me. I want to compete.

Letting these folks “do the right thing,” advocate and feel sorry for us automatically puts them above us. Makes them noble and reinforces white superiority.
People all over the world fight and struggle to make it. You don't cry. You work to win and succeed. In USA they subtly drill into you that you are inferior to the whites. Even the ones that are supposedly helping you are telling you that there are other whites out there ready to get you. That throws us into our indignant gear and off our A game. We need to help ourselves. We don’t need white Bwana protecting the tribe.

We need to stop getting amped up and taking the scorched Earth attitude. Because that's what you get when you win that way; scorched earth. 

Everything that happens on this planet happens for a reason. Cause and effect, Action and reaction… Everything is a negotiation from breakfast to sex. There must be rainy days for you to grow crops and have water.

It’s time to stop the identity politics game, it's a losing game. Time to stop falling on our swords for two parties that really don’t give a crap about us.

We have the brains, the resources and the people to succeed on our own. We don’t need special treatment. We need plain old equal treatment.

We need to talk for ourselves. To whoever needs talking to. Yeah, that's right EVERYBODY. We need to come back from the table with more than the self righteous high ground.

I wish I were born rich but I wasn't, neither were you. 

It is what it is. 

Onward to the next challenge. 

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  1. Thank You.I wish everyone took notice of this and just stop being Delusional!