Thursday, April 19, 2018


Rashon Nelson, left, and Donte Robinson were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks on suspicion of trespassing. They said they were not told by the police why they were being escorted out.

Two black men were asked to leave a Starbucks in Philly last week. Everybody knows it. It was a messed up thing to do to those men. 

But let’s not take this to slavery, prejudice and Police abuse of power in this country.

It was a very bad call by the store manager. A Starbucks policy that was probably meant for people that are bringing stuff from outside to eat in the store, loitering or horsing around for an unreasonable period. People like that can annoy and intimidate customers. They don't want their store to become the neighborhood public bathroom.

I hope Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson share the money they’re going to make with the community that came out for them.

Enough with the protests and the apologies from the Chief of Police it’s over and done.

This is probably the best thing that ever happened to them. They’re celebrities and civil rights leaders now and they will come into an economic windfall.

You can throw me out of your Starbucks any day if I can get that same deal.

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