Saturday, July 3, 2021

WILLIE COLÓN - VIGILANTE (Willie Colón) 1983

This album was produced for the soundtrack of the film VIGILANTE by William Lustig that premiered in 1983. Willie Colón plays the role of gangbanger Rico Melendez. Ironically, the song Vigilante was not used in the movie; Triste y Vacia and Pasé La Noche Fumando. This production was arranged by Hector Garrido and Willie Colón, who composed many of the musical passages. The great George Wadenius also participates on guitar. Wadenius was the guitarist for Blood Sweat & Tears, Steely Dan, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Saturday Night Live, David Sanborn, and many others. Wadenius is Swedish. South African Morris Goldberg also participated in the soprano. Morris played with Harry Belafonte, Paul Simon, Johnny Carson Show, Judy Collins, John McDowell, Hugh Masekela, and others.

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