Saturday, November 18, 2023

Cuomo Saga - what comes next?

As a 4th and 5th accuser of sexual misconduct against Andrew Cuomo came forward over the weekend, and as more details have surfaced in regards to the conspiracy to cover up thousands of nursing home deaths caused by Cuomo’s March 25th Executive Order... the likelihood of him resigning or being removed from office increases - Top Democrats Call on Cuomo to Resign. So as we look at what comes next... Has anyone in the media asked Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul what she knew about the cover up of nursing home deaths? What she thought about Cuomo’s order forcing ill-equipped and vulnerable nursing homes to admit thousands of Covid-infected patients? Anyone ask her if she’s ever witnessed the sexual misconduct and bullying that’s been alleged by so many in recent weeks? These are questions that would seem especially pertinent right about now, no? Whoever eventually comes next, we need wholesale reform in our state government. The status quo in Albany isn't just one person and it's almost as big a problem for our state as the corruption and high taxes are. They’re all inter-related. We need to clean house and set New York on a new path to reform, growth and prosperity and reverse the decades-long steady decline of our state. Do you agree? DONATE

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