Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am a democrat… Mi gente, it happens every time. We vote and work to get our democratic candidate elected and after they win. They forget their promises.  There is little or no access. Trying to meet with them is like having an audience with the Pope.  Probably easier with his holiness.

Why? Because the Latino vote is a joke. Democrats know we don’t even think about swinging to the other candidate. That’s out of the question because it’s evil; because you’re a traitor if you vote for the republican.

So, no matter how bad the democrat is, even if he’s going to jail; we still have to vote for them.

How smart is that?  Once elected they totally change on us and deal with us with contempt and rule with impunity because:  1.) you already voted for them.  2.) Next time around you’ll do exactly the same thing again.

Elections are about US and what WE need not about the party. We want ALL elected officials and candidates from ALL parties to come to come to us, to covet our vote.

To make that happen, we have to vote smarter; we need to vote for the candidate that meets OUR needs. Latinos have to become a swing vote. 

In this case, personally, I like the man; he’s a decent man who’d make an excellent governor.  He’s the Westchester county exec which is not chopped liver, 450 square miles and about a million population 17% are Latinos.

Rob Astorino doesn’t come from a royal family or political dynasty. He doesn’t think his family was born to rule. 

He went to school at Fordham University in the Bronx. He has a BA in Communications and before he went into politics, became one of the founders of ESPN radio. He belongs to AFTRA -AMERICAN FEDERATION OF RADIO & TV ARTIST, like me. He’s got religion; he’s started the Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio.

I met him last year and he came across as a sane, humble, confident man.  He didn’t just realize a couple of months ago that he needed to speak Spanish to get votes! (And come with a couple of phonetically memorized phrases; sounding like Frank Perdue) He studied the language from way back because he wanted to; because he admires and respects our culture.  Rob Astorino, right now, has one of the most diverse administrations in the state. That says a lot about how he would run our state government.

We don’t need somebody with tons of money; deep pockets, that hides, throws a barrage of negative commercials and not even bothers to show up for a debate. We don’t want somebody that starts a crime commission and obstructs it when it starts to head his way.

At this election, at this time, I’m voting for Rob Astorino for the next governor of the Great State of New York and I urge all Democrats and Latinos to join me.

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